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Raytheon JPS

VoiceInterop stands ready to assist after Raytheon abruptly closed JPS Communications in early 2016.

Our AudioMate360r RoIP gateway connects conventional and trunked radios to each other or to Twisted Pair WAVE or Collabria ReadyOp software dispatch consoles in a manner similar to the NXU-2.

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VoiceInterop, Inc. sells hardware and software solutions for unified group communications.

VoiceInterop systems are deployed by commercial enterprises as well as government emergency responders, airports, and educational institutions.

Command Phone

Airport crash phone systems are now sold by our spin-off company, BnC Group U.S.A.

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The AudioMate 360 family of RoIP (Radio over IP) gateways connect your enterprise LAN with your 2-way Land Mobile Radio network to expand the useful range. The AM360r radio gateway opens a radio channel to users on your IP network. The AM360a audio gateway can serve as a basic single-channel remote control console.

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VoiceInterop is the premiere agent for ReadyOp, a cloud-based incident management and unified communications solution that works in your web browser.

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About Us


VoiceInterop, Inc. is a leading provider of end-to-end, unified communications systems and solutions. VoiceInterop solutions allow customers to link seamlessly a wide variety of otherwise incompatible communications devices and networks, including two-way radios, cellular phones, PDAs, and tablet PC devices, into an integrated communication system.

VoiceInterop’s systems are deployed by commercial enterprises as well as in government emergency services applications, mission-critical airport communication systems, and educational institutions.

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The parent company of VoiceInterop, Cleartronic, Inc., (CLRI) is a technology company that creates and acquires operating subsidiaries to develop, manufacture, and sell products, services, and integrated systems. Our solutions serve markets ranging from business enterprises to consumer products and services.

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BnC Group U.S.A.

BnC Group U.S.A. was spun off by Cleartronic to sell airport crash phone emergency notification systems.

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