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The AudioMate 360 is a cost-effective IP audio gateway for bridging most LMR (Land Mobile Radios) and IP-based unified group communication networks via RoIP (Radio over IP). Connect a compatible two-way land mobile radio regardless of frequency range or equipment manufacturer, whether conventional or trunked. Each AudioMate 360 is completely software programmable via web browser. Never touch a jumper or heat up a soldering iron to configure settings.

5 Real-World Examples illustrating applications of the AM360r RoIP gateway

AudioMate 360r Radio Gateway

The AudioMate 360r connects to a compatible 2-way land mobile radio configured as a control station, acting as its microphone and speaker. The AM360r connects to a wide variety of compatible LMR stations regardless of operating frequency, including Motorola, Kenwood, Icom, Tait, and others.

All Frequencies and Bands

Connect an AudioMate 360r to a compatible two-way land mobile, whether conventional or trunked. Because the AudioMate 360r is radio-agnostic, it connects to a wide variety of 2-way LMR stations regardless of frequency range or equipment manufacturer, including Motorola, Kenwood, Icom, Tait, and others. The AudioMate 360r replaces the speaker and microphone of a typical 2-way radio base station to allow it to be used elsewhere.

One benefit of the AudioMate360r is the role it can play for rural VHF or UHF fire and police radio users migrating to 700 and 800 MHz trunked two-way radio systems. The same AudioMate 360r can be used today with a VHF or UHF conventional system and with future 700 and 800 MHz digital two-way radio systems. No longer is a forklift upgrade or huge capital expense required to achieve interoperability.

Goodbye Leased Lines

The AudioMate 360r extends audio and basic local control functions over IP to a dispatcher or any radio user on the enterprise LAN. Stop paying monthly fees for leased lines to your radio sites. Instead, an existing IP network that connects to the radio site allows a client to leverage what they already pay for.

Simple to Interface

A few simple connections to a compatible mobile radio configured as a control station open a new world of possibilities, allowing a radio user to talk to your dispatchers wherever they might be on your enterprise LAN. Built-in web configuration allows you to select PTT and COS polarity, VOX activation, and other important settings. Never touch a jumper nor heat up a soldering iron. An RJ-45 jack provides a 600 Ohm transformer-coupled balanced audio interface or use the 5-pin inline connector for signalling and single-ended audio interface.

AudioMate 360r Product Sheet PDF

AudioMate Rack Shelf

The AudioMate rack provides a standard 19 inch 2U mounting shelf for up to 4 AudioMate 360 gateways. A secure Mate-N-Lock power connector distributes the 12 Volt supply in a daisy-chain across all AM360 gateways in a rack.